Roosevelt Island Bus Tracker

"Roosevelt Island Bus Tracker" is an Android phone application for tracking the RIOC buses in Roosevelt Island. It helps you decide whether to wait or to walk. Or shows how many buses are running and how they can get bunched together at times. This application was entirely developed by Vini Fortuna, a Software Engineer that likes to do this kind of thing for fun, and thought this one would also be very useful for the community. It uses Roosevelt Island's public bus tracking data served by NextBus.

This bus tracking application was featured on a local blog: "Google Android Cell Phone Application For Roosevelt Island GPS Red Bus Service - How Cool Is That!". You should also check out the Roosevelt Island Search Engine that Vini has set up.

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With barcode

Use a barcode scanner on your phone to read the QR Code below:

Without barcode

Open the Android Market application and search for "Roosevelt Island".

Select the Roosevelt Island Bus Tracker application and then press "Install":

Known Issues

    • The application updates the bus locations every five seconds, so you may notice a small delay. That delay is compounded with data update delay on NextBus' side.
    • Occasionally the GPS is left on when the bus is in the garage, or off when it's running.
    • Using "My Location" drains a lot of battery. Avoid it to preserve energy.


For bug reports, suggestions and general feedback, email ribustracker at .